She’s fresh, she’s young and she is the biggest thing in fashion, can you guess who it is? Lindsey Wixson of course. The blond, blue eye model that stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall has taken the fashion world by storm at only 17 years old. Lindsey currently ranks #12 on top 50 women female models. Her unique looks make her stand out from most models out there, the gap between her teeth, her bee stung lips and her beautiful doll face that has innocence in it. Lindsey has worked with almost every top designer in the industry and has appear in about every major magazine cover.
Wixson first came to to my attention when I was looking at supermodels favorite beauty secret and she happen to be in it. From that moment she has become one of my favorite models of today. But before Lindsey became the supermodel she is today like many of us who are different in our looks she was teased by a group of girls in middle school because of her unique looks and where always trying to beat her up. At the age of 12 she stood 5 feet, 7 inches tall and had strangers coming up to her telling her she could be a model. From there she stared researching modeling agencies and like many models it was not not easy and got rejected from many agencies. When Lindsey finishes her modeling career she wants to become a pilot. Lindsey Wixson is a true inspiration to many young girls and boys out there of any age that being unique and being different is beautiful and that you shouldn't let jealous haters bring you down because maybe one day you too will become a supermodel. Being unique is a beautiful gift and you should not feel ashamed or insecure but proud of it because you stand out from the crow, if we all looked the same we would be boring. An if your a bully, bullying people about their looks we’ll just look at Lindsey and see how far she has gotten compared to the haters who teased her about her looks. The ugly duckling always turns into a beautiful swan never ever forget you are beautiful no matter what, and never not even for a second allow a hater to bring you down because of your looks just remember Lindsey.  
Melissa Torrisi
1/6/2012 07:46:38 am

Lindsay is absolutely stunning - a living doll.


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