It seems like every year we all jump in the wagon to make new year resolutions and lets be honest most of us probably never keep them because we have that one day where we are so busy doing something that we forget and decide to put it off and that’s when it stars that we just don’t have time for things and we forget about it. This year it’s time to start a new life, along with a new year, this year it’s all about freeing ourselves from the pressure we give ourselves every year to do something, and if we don’t accomplish it, we feel guilty, like we fail and didn't accomplish anything during the year. Instead of making new year resolutions just try to do whatever comes your way. Sometimes the best things in life happen when we least expect them too. So take life easy, don’t pressure yourself too much on doing something. Now I'm not saying don’t do anything and just sit at home all day hoping that something will come your way or any of that. Instead try to make small goals like maybe do something once or twice a week and once you get a feel you can add more into your plate. Something that might be helpful is to keep a planner in hand and write down your goals and try to make sometime for that goal. Now if you missed them or don’t have much time do them don’t feel guilty instead just try to do it next week or the next day. Also don’t make long goals like go to the gym for 1-2 hours if you know you have to wake up early or have homework to do, make them short and don’t travel to the gym instead do some dancing or push ups for a good 15-30 minutes, just do something it’s all in small steps. Now at the end of the year, look back at how much you accomplish in all, maybe you got good grades, or stared doing something new and fun, and all those good things you did during the year and stop feeling guilty about that one goal you did not accomplish. This year it’s all about starting a new life to be free from the pressure we give ourselves everyday. Life is too short and life can change at any moment with ought warning so enjoy it everyday and do what you love to do and feel good. So try to spend more time with friends and family, go out and explore new things and stop pressuring yourself too much about things. Also don’t forget to make so me time everyday for at least 10 minutes, it’s best before you to sleep and don’t worry about a thing, take life one day at a time. So start a new year, star a new life, a life with freedom.

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    January 2012


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