The cover of Re-Inspire, January 2012.
She’s fresh, she’s young and she is the biggest thing in fashion, can you guess who it is? Lindsey Wixson of course. The blond, blue eye model that stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall has taken the fashion world by storm at only 17 years old. Lindsey currently ranks #12 on top 50 women female models. Her unique looks make her stand out from most models out there, the gap between her teeth, her bee stung lips and her beautiful doll face that has innocence in it. Lindsey has worked with almost every top designer in the industry and has appear in about every major magazine cover.
Model Spot Light is all about sharing models who are different and unique in the fashion industry that both boys and girls can relate to. Not many people know some of these models but there are very famous models out there who are like many of us, who have been teased and bully for their looks or been insecure, or have struggled in something. Model Spot Light is all about getting to know these models in the industry and that others can relate to or look up to and be inspired by their stories, looks or photos. I hope you enjoy learning more about these amazing models in the industry, Love 
Welcome to my online magazine Re-Inspire I'm so excited to share it with all of you. There is so much more to come soon, so please be patient with me. This magazine is my labor of love from me to all of you so I hope you enjoy it. Every month we will cover important topics about our world, fashion, beauty and so much more to help us understand one another better while learning new things. What separates Re-Inspire from my fashion blog Forever OH Fashion is that Re-Inspire is more about understanding ourselves a little bit more and be more comfortable in our skin by exploring issues in our world. Anyways I have so much more to share with all of you in the next coming weeks. I will try to have at least one or two articles about something on here every week. Thank you so much for checking this out, i'm excited to see where this online magazine will go. 



    January 2012


    Model Spot Light

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