So I just got done watching the Versace Men's Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show online and now I'm going to give you my opinion on what I think of the collection before you go out to buy it. The entire collection was very classy nothing too over the top except for those flower colorful suits, those are not something you want to be caught wearing and they are also not very fall/winter colors they are more for the S/S time. I really liked the formal one's with not too much going on that is something every guys wants, guys want to look stylish without looking over the top. I really liked their bluish outfits and jackets, but did not like those cowboy pans that look like you have underwear on top of your pans. I also did not like the see thru shirt and the green spotted outfit. I really liked their beret hats and belts I feel that those could go good with any outfit you choose to wear. Click on the photos below to see which I think is a must get and which to pass on. The entire collection comes out today, let me know which is your favorite look and why.

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