Forever OH Fashion is my very own fashion blog where I express my views on the latest in fashion. Unlike most fashion blogs out there my is different, I wanted to create a blog that has not yet been done before because then there would be no point on doing one when you have plenty of them out there. My blog is all about helping young girls and boys to feel comfortable in there own skin and love themselves for who they are.
My blog is all about self empowerment and helping the future generation accomplish their dreams in the fashion industry whether it’s becoming a model, designer, photographer or any of those jobs. My goal is to make Re-Inspire (Forever OH Fashion) a we’ll know magazine in the fashion world and powerful enough to help the future, the now, and the older generation accomplish their dreams by promoting their talent to the world of fashion. I want to discover new talent and help them in their journey in the fashion industry. As I said Forever OH Fashion is more then just a fashion blog it’s about creating dreams and helping people feel better about themselves for who they are. Instead of putting up articles or photos up like almost every blog out there and saying if I like the clothes or not or reporting the fashion news, I will give my view and share the secrets behind that photo or my opinion on what the problem or news is. I will also put a spot light on those models, designer, photographers and those big names in fashion who are doing something to help out our world and helping change the fashion industry into putting more then one type of person in their covers and runways. I will also put a spot light on models who are different and that have been bully for their looks and that people can relate to and be inspired by. I’ve been modeling for over 5 years and for all those years I have studied this industry enough to know their secrets. I’m so excited to start this fashion blog and take it to a great direction and make it great. I’m even more excited to see where Forever OH Fashion goes, please be patient with me as I shape it to a great direction and make much better then what I thought it would be this is just the beggining. Also please share your views and opinions on the articles, I always enjoy seeing what the public thinks and share this blog with others the more people that read the more powerful and we’ll known it will be. Thank You Very Much, 
Love -Jorge 

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