Demi Lovato Covers Seventeen Magazine - Re-Inspire
Teen sensation Demi Lovato covers Seventeen Magazine this month where she opens up about the pressure to be prefect and her battle with her past eating disorder. Demi gets close and personal and talks about the pressure the is today to be perfect and how she has learned to deal with it and be comfortable in her own skin. Demi Lavato has been a strong advocate about this problem in our society and she had been very outspoken about it. This is one issue every teenage boy or girl needs to have. "If your some who is under the pressure to be perfect we'll just remember no body is perfect, being human comes with imperfections and we have to learn how to deal with them. If someone ever makes fun off you for your weight or your looks just remember you are beautiful just the way you are and you don't have to change anything, because you don't need to please anyone but yourself. Don't let haters get to you, keep your head up, no one is perfect and it's sad that there is so much pressure in our society to be a certain type to fit in or be beautiful and i'm proud of Demi for speaking about this and taking a stand. She is a huge international public figure who many young girls and boys look up too and she is setting a perfect example that beauty comes in all sizes, shapes." -Jorge

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